Evergreen and ornamental plants

Decorative plants are grown for decorative purposes in the home, garden, or shaped into a hedge. They can be different types of grass, bushes, trees and flowers. Some of them, apart from the aesthetic point of view, are also used for their aroma.

Euonymus radicans Emerald Gaiety

Euonymus radicans Emerald Gaiety is a decorative, evergreen, perennial shrub. Used as a soil cover.


Lavender is a low-decorative plant that grows on tufts and blooms with small purple flowers. Because of its aromatic and nectariferous properties it is used for decoration, in medicine and perfumery.

Cotoneaster Dammeri

Cotoneaster Dammeri is evergreen small bush. It grows relatively fast. It blooms in April-May with white flowers and its fruits are red.

Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea

Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea is decorative broad-leaved plants with red leaf color. Blooms in July-September with yellow flowers.

Euonymus japonicus

Euonymus japonicus is an evergreen decorative bush. Used for hedgerows and for single planting.

Cotoneaster Rubin

Cotoneaster rubin is a low evergreen bush. It is mainly used as a soil cover plant. Blooms in April-May with white flowers.

Prunus laurocerasus

Prunus laurocerasus is an evergreen decorative bush with dark green leaves. Prefer moderate watering, shady places, drained soil and nutrient-rich soil.

Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum

Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum is an evergreen decorative plant with yellow-green color of the leaves, from where comes its name. Used for hedges and single planting.

Ligustrum ovalifolium

Ligustrum ovalifolium is a decorative plant with a green leaf color. Characterized by relatively fast growth and is easy to grow.

Lonicera Pileata

Lonicera Pileata is an evergreen decorative bush. It is used for hedges and as a cover plant.

Lonicera nitida

Lonicera nitida is a deciduous decorative bush. It is used for hedges and strengthening the soil.


Mahonia is a decorative deciduous bush that blooms in spring with yellow flowers. Prefer well-drained soil and shady places.

Buxus sempervirens

Buxus sempervirens is an evergreen decorative bush. Used for hedges. Prefer moderate watering, sunny and semi-shady places.


Yucca is an evergreen decorative plant with long, gray-green and hard leaves. It blooms in June-July with white flowers.

Juniperus sabina

Juniperus sabina is an evergreen coniferous bush. Used to strengthen the soils and for landscaping.

Juniperus Chinensis

Juniperus chinensis is an evergreen coniferous bush with a green-blue color and a conical shape that reaches a height of 2-3 meters.

Acer palmatum

Acer palmatum is a deciduous decorative plant with red leaves, reaching a height of 3-4 meters.