Broad leaved plants are perennial and deciduous, unlike coniferous plants. Something specific for deciduous plants is the formation of leaves and their fall in autumn.


Coniferоus plants are part of the Celandine department, most of them are evergreen. This property makes them preferred for planting in a garden, park and other places. Their peculiarity is their way of breeding, which is done not with fruit, but with cones.

Evergreen and ornamental plants

Decorative plants are grown for decorative purposes in the home, garden, or shaped into a hedge. They can be different types of grass, bushes, trees and flowers. Some of them, apart from the aesthetic point of view, are also used for their aroma.

Flowering plants

Flowering plants are used primarily for decoration in gardens and parks because of the beauty of their flowers. Different groups of plants such as deciduous, coniferous, ornamental plants, bushes and others can be part of this caterogy.

Climbing and ground-creeping

Most climbing and ground-creeping plants also have decorative value. They are used for landscaping of buildings, fences and all other structures, and some of them for strengthening the soil.

Flowers and roses

Flowers are herbaceous or bushy plants, which can be both annuals and perennials. Depending on their growing environment, they may be indoor or gardening.

Fruit trees

The fruit trees are a type of deciduous plants grown for fruit production. From our nursery you can buy the fruit trees that you need for your garden like: apricot, peach, plum, pear and others.